Authentic Essential Oils


Made from the aromatic essence of plants, essential oils have the power to cleanse the body and rejuvenate and elevate the mind. Nature’s Sunshine  is wholly committed to making our full line of essential oils as absolutely pure, authentic and genuine as Mother Nature herself.

Nature’s Sunshine ensure the authenticity and integrity of our oils (USDA Organic) , with the ability to trace each bottle back to the exact distiller, farmer and even plant from which the oil originated. The true power and value of an essential oil lies in it’s purity.  And this is our promise: every bottle of essential oil is absolutely pure…down to the last drop.


Guaranteed authentically and unmatched purity are Nature’s Sunshine’s ultimate measure for all our essential oils. As a result, many of our oils also qualify for additional designation like Certified Organic, organically grown and wild-harvested.

  •  Organic Oils: Certified Organic oils are officially recognized by the National Organic Program, the same level of certification used for USDA Organic labeling. This means that oils are produced sustainably, without the use of synthetic pesticides or chemical fertlizer



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