Meridian Hand Scan

Let your body do the talking and take the guess work out of healthy living with the biological technology of a Meridian Scan. Normally, even with the best intentions we struggle to find the best supplements for our bodies. We interpret what our symptoms are and simply search for what could help us. We are attempting to guess in a double blind situation, where we do not know the root causes of our condition or the best remedy for our specific chemistry. The Meridian Scan tears down the barriers between understanding what our bodies are telling us and knowing what will help most. The bio communication technology test dozens of unique biomarkers within the body. These biomarkers represent all of the body’s organs and systems, and the scan interprets the energetic frequency of each marker, placing it within a range. The scan then produces a report based on the energetic frequencies it has interpreted that prioritizes the herbs and vitamins which will help bring the body’s biomarkers into a healthy range the most. Because it is communicating directly with the body, all that is lost in trying to interpret what our bodies need is eliminated and we are able to tackle the deficiencies that cause our symptoms with accuracy and efficiency. Get rid of the mystery and uncertainty of your health and find out where your deficiencies lie, then create a program of action and start taking exactly what your body needs!

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Disclaimer: Please note that the ZytoScan® is not offered, nor intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent or treat any disease or health condition and is not a medical device. Use only as directed and consult your primary health care provider if you have any medical concerns and/or if symptoms persists.